Planning A Summer Rental Van Day Trip?

Monday, December 19th, 2016

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Summer is the perfect time to jump in a rental van and enjoy a day trip with friends and family. Regardless of where you’re based, there are many fantastic destinations within New Zealand that can be easily reached within a day in your rental van. Teaming up in a rental van allows you to split petrol costs, share the driving duties and best of all you get the benefit of added space – allowing you to bring not only yourselves but everything you need for an fun filled day out and about.

However like all outings a bit of organisation beforehand is needed to ensure your perfect summer escape goes according to plan. Here are a few things to think about to make sure to have the best time when traveling in a rental van this summer.

Book The Rental Van Ahead Of Time

Perhaps the most important thing to remember out of the whole trip – you can’t have a rental van day trip without a rental van! Summer is a busy time for all rental companies, so it’s a good idea to get in quick and ensure you have the rental van you want and can get it for the dates required. There’s nothing worse than having no option but to choose a vehicle that isn’t quite what you wanted – or not being able to choose one at all!

Set A Departure Time And Place  

Van trips are great for bringing as many friends and family as possible, but increased numbers mean a need for increased organisation. There’s a very real risk of wasting a good chunk of the day if there isn’t a fixed time to leave, so to prevent this frustration ensure everyone is aware of the departure time and place, if they aren’t there in reasonable time let them know you’ll be leaving then anyway.

Discuss A Driving Rotation Schedule

Being able to share the driving duties is one of the big bonuses of hiring a rental van. It’s better if everyone knows beforehand when they’ll be expected to take the wheel so that they can ensure they’re properly rested. Be sure to discuss where you’re heading, different routes and expected time frames. Sorting out shifts before you set out ensures everyone will get their fair share of breaks and nobody is left overly exhausted from driving too long.

Bring Plenty Of Water And Snacks

Some roads and places throughout New Zealand can be quite isolated, you shouldn’t always anticipate being able to buy food and drinks particularly outside of regular trading hours. Bring enough for the whole day and if possible invest in a good quality chilly bin (esky) to keep things cool. Don’t underestimate the amount of water you’ll need on a hot day either – if you run out it can be dangerous for children and animals in particular. Dehydration can increase symptoms of fatigue making everyone grumpy and reduce reaction times when driving, so arm yourself with rations that will keep you energised throughout the day.

Consider The Optional Extras

New Zealand offers a huge range of natural environments to explore all up and down the country, ranging from rivers and lakes to mountains and forests. To make the most of the storage potential of your rental van when exploring them, consider hiring a vehicle that comes with a roof rack, making transportation of kayaks, skis, surfboards and much more simply a breeze. With a rental van you may even have space to bring bikes or off-road scooters. Although New Zealand summers are generally long and sunny, the weather can change at any moment, so you may also want to use your added rental van storage space to bring wet weather gear. Rain doesn’t mean you need to end your day out, so long as you’re prepared for it.

Keep Sun Safe

Although being outside during summer is lots of fun, it can also be dangerous if you don’t protect yourself properly. Sunscreen and hats are a must here in New Zealand, but ideally you should shield yourself from the sun wherever possible, particularly if you’re going to be outside all day. Small tents can be pitched anywhere and provide a good base for a short rest or temporary relief from the sun along with the added bonus of being able to store belongings. There are also sun umbrellas and special beach shelters able to be erected instantly.

Hiring a rental van means you get a modern, well-serviced vehicle that you can rely on to get you there and back with the maximum comfort and convenience. With these tips you’re all set to have a fantastic summer rental van day trip. After all, the sights and sounds of New Zealand are best enjoyed with friends and family. Have a great rental van day trip!